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Community Programs

Growth: Spiritual, Mental & Emotional Health

Students are supported by well-equipped staff members who provide counseling, case management, and transportation. We also host Bible Study and the Gathering church service.

Design+for+Discipleship, Life's Healing Choices
Divine Healing

Bible studies that will give our students insight and encouragement to help them grow in Christ and work through their healing

Friendship, Boundaries, Mutual Support

In sharing spaces with others, our students learn characteristics of healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and growing friendships. Our church community, community partners, and families help create networks that provide connections, friendships, and career opportunities.

Career: Education, Jobs, Financial Management
Image by Micheile Henderson

We support our students in achieving financial stability, acquiring their GED or high school diploma, enrollment in Road to Success, a job readiness workshop, applying for jobs and working on financial management skills. 

Housing: Safe, Stable, Home Management
Home Windows

While residing at Grace Abounds, students are required to participate in accountability groups and assume responsibilities in the basic up-keep of their rooms. There are additional areas to volunteer in, with the opportunity to grow in basic life skills which include home management, cooking, and basic home repair.

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